Friday, April 19, 2013

Spice Fusion April 2013

Spice Fusion Restaurant in SM Northwing is a pretty slick place. While the area is not so big, the food is what attracts customers.

It had been a long time since my wife and I ate here. The previous time that we did, we were disappointed with their service because the soup that was packaged for us was obviously taken by their staff.

That probably was more than 5 years ago. Yes, quite a very long time.

So this month, we decided to eat here and while I have to say the food still is good, the prices looked overblown.

We only ordered two kinds of food since I was surprised at the steep price jump from the last time we ate here.

Ginger Beef PH 298.00 - Too expensive since the serving is pretty small. But nevertheless quite good.

Sambal Mixed Vegetables PHP188.00 - This one is okay but I do not like it when the menu says mixed vegetables and there is pork added to it. I am pretty much specific when it comes to vegetables because I do not like it if meat is added. And when I say meat, I mean meat ... not fat!

They do not offer plain rice platter so I think if there are like 3 of you, you are better off ordering the platter.

Just these two did give us a good helping. However, the price is really a different story. If you have no care on the price, then drop by Spice Fusion and grab a bite of Asian cuisine.

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