Sunday, April 14, 2013

Figaro Ayala Cebu February 2013

For light snacks or heavy meals, Figaro has some tasty food you definitely should check out. Last February, my wife and I ordered some food that we thought could make us full yet does not make us fat.

The Choco 3 Color Mousse may sound a handful but this slice of cake made it worth our while for a sumptuous dessert at PHP105.00

The Tuna Macaroni is my favorite. This alone made me full and I did not feel heavy afterward. At PHP145.00, you should try this one too.

The Bolognese pasta comes with its own bread and with these two, I believe is more than enough for a light hearted meal. At PHP145.00, this ain't bad either.

The Sweet Coffee Porkchop at PHP239.00 I will leave the opinion to you. When my friend ordered this one she was not quite satisfied because there was so much fat compared to meat.

Oh yeah, if you want to order extra rice, you need to shell out an extra PHP30.00 for it.

Figaro's food is quite good and the prices are fair but some of them like the Sweet Coffee Porkchop was not what I would call a good deal.

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