Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chopsticks IT Park Cebu February 2013

Yes, I love the bird's nest soup at Chopsticks. However, it seems like these days they use chicken eggs instead of quail eggs. Disappointing.

We always like it hot so we request the staff to add some chili on it to make it ever tastier. I wish they had used quail eggs instead since my wife and I looked forward to it when we ordered this one.

I remember after this one, 2 more visits to Chopsticks yielded the same kind of eggs: chicken and not the quail ones.

As for the other two, the beef and broccoli are both delicious. I really have no complaints with their food except that quail egg issue.

If you have no care what kind of egg is included in the bird's nest soup, then go ahead! I am sure you will have a very sumptuous experience at Chopsticks. They have a branch at IT Park in Cebu, Philippines right below the JP Morgan Building.

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