Tuesday, March 19, 2013

S&R Cebu February 2013

Well, after a month I did not expect myself to be back in S&R. My aunt was in town and she needed company so we gladly tagged along since my wife and I enjoy window shopping through the various items that they sell.

As always, when we go there we always make sure we eat. It was the first time we ordered a whole box of their pizza combo. At PHP549.00, it was worth it. However, we only ate 1 slice each because we were already full after we devoured the clam chowder soup at PHP158.00.

Man that soup was superb! And just the soup alone can make you full in an instant. To think that my wife and I shared it.

I would reluctant to recommend you try their cheeseburger at PHP99.00. The burger patty is very small now compared to what it used to be before.

The soda costs PHP45.00 and you can refill it as many times as you want so if you are in a group, well, you can just order one glass of it and refill to your tummyies content!

This was a blast. We had so many left over pizza but I will order a box anytime. They are simply delicious!

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