Saturday, March 23, 2013

Krispy Kreme Truffles March 2013: Utter Disappointment

Well, I have to say I was disappointed once I opened up the box of truffles after my wife and I bought a 3 piece set.

There is really nothing special about them. A thin layer of Bavarian chocolate and all cake like texture inside. I think their doughnuts are better worth it than these so called truffles.

Each one of them costs around PHP50.00. Considering the size of each piece is slightly bigger than that of a Ding Qua Qua siomai, I felt this will be only a one time purchase for me.

I ain't going to buy another one again until Krispy Kreme either lowers the price or enlarge their truffles.

Seems like the overcharged pricing for a 3 piece set is due to the box that comes along with it and a few small pamphlets that look luxurious in a way made me think the cost for making these were added to the overall price.

Yes, their photo makes the truffles look tantalizing and tempting. Once I bought one and saw it with my own eyes, it got even worse after I ate one.

No more truffles for me. I am sticking to doughnuts

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