Monday, February 25, 2013

Rodeo Grill Cebu February 2013

Funny thing about this place is that my friend kept on telling me that we eat here next. Then that night, my wife suggested to my other group of friends that we dine there. And so we were there are Rodeo Grill.

The place is located beside Elizabeth Hotel near Ayala Center Cebu. It is pretty safe here. They have a huge parking lot so no worries looking for a spot here.

Now, once inside and you get hold of the menu, the prices on some of the food might scare you off but don't be. Once you know the full details you will realize everything is really worth it.

How so? Well ... UNLIMITED RICE AND SAUCE!!! That's what! As in, have as much as gravy as your tummy can take. You can even treat is as your very own soup! HAHAHAHA!

Now, on to the main course!

Lonestar Fish - PHP 119.00. This fish is cream dory just to give you a heads up ;).

Arkansas Ribs - PHP219.00. Now, you have to order this one because it is uber cheap. Compare it to prices from Casa Verde and Surfin' Ribs? This one kills them all.

Sgt. Pepper Sizzler - PHP159.00

Paolo's Porky Pistols - PHP99.00.

And this was what I ordered: Texas Sizzling Chicken - PHP 129.00. This one is a-okay considering the price and remember, take into account the unlimited rice and gravy and you have yourself one rice party.

The only negative in this joint is that they do not have any WIFI hotspot. Still, that won't stop me from going there again and having another gravy rich extravaganza!

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