Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Good Time At Chatime January 2013

My wife and I got bored with Starbucks that we decided to hang out at Chatime in eBloc 2's building in IT Park. The drinks are awfully cheap. And you know what that means ;).

Most of the people who hang out there are youngsters.

They have so many different drinks that will definitely make one want to go back there and try their other ones.

They also have some light snacks like fries and burgers. We may have to try them soon but for now, I think my goal is to try each and every one of those drinks.

While I like their drinks, I do not feel comfortable with their seats. One cannot bend a bit backwards and relax comfortable because there is none to begin with. You have to sit straight instead.

Other than that, the place is a very good place to hang out and chill. They even have WIFI to boot which is an added factor to chill here.

We have been here two times already. Yes, we ordered different drinks. 2 down. Many more to go hahaha.

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