Thursday, February 21, 2013


CMYK is a good place to hang out with your friends ... unless there are other people hanging out there with loud voices, they echo throughout the place than can give your ears some beating.

They have a big table where you and your friends can sit back and enjoy some board games whilst eating their delicacies. And if you are not into board games, just sit back and stare at your smart phone or tablet connecting to their WIFI connection.

Now, on to the food. I have to say some of them are good, while some I was not really happy with. But I have to tell you, their drinks are a must try! And sooooo worth it!

Here are my thoughts on the food that we order:

Mousakka - PHP120.00
- bad order. I thought this was lasagna. I should have asked. Well, in a way, it is lasagna but with eggplant inside and not much meat. This should only cost around PHP80.00, not PHP120.00 but who am I to decide, LOL.

German Potato Salad - PHP85.00
- tastes good. A mix of potato and sauce mixed with small bits of ham.

Crusty Baked Tuna - PHP195.00
- I love spices and condiments be whatever ingredients they may be. In this case, CMYK mixed the tuna with so many garlic. So worth it!

Cookie Crumble - PHP130.00
- And the finale! Huge glass, so much content, what more can you ask for?! They have a variety of drinks there so it may take some time for you to try each and every one of them.

CMYK is located near Waterfront Hotel. If you have not tried this place, check them out and make sure you order their drinks ;).

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