Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AA's Lahug Cebu February 2013

Well, I do not eat here often but when it comes to grill, AA's is one of the well known grill hotspots in Cebu. There are many other branches in the city but the one within the heart of the city is the one in Lahug.

Do not expect everything to be cheap though. Seafood ain't cheap. But I can say their menu lineup is affordable.

Last time we ate there, we ordered eggplant salad, their yummy ngohiong and had the shrimps mixed with soup in tinola style!

And when it comes to drinks, their mixed fruit juice is heavenly. Make sure you clean up everything inside. It's got loads of fresh fruits within it. The pitcher costs only PHP150.00 which can serve up to 8 pax more or less.

These are but a few of what you can find in AA's. Next time I'll be there, I'll put up a different set of food pics.

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