Friday, January 25, 2013

Dinner At Quest Hotel Cebu January 2013

If these do not pump up your appetite, I do not know what will. Year 2013, for a lunch or dinner buffet of only PHP599.00, this is so worth it!

Their breakfast buffet is ordinary. You know, the usual breakfast food. But come lunch and dinner and it is a whole different story.

So many appetizers, so many desserts, so many variety! Check out the photos below.

The main course was something else. They had ox trife, chicken, noodles, beef stew, pork, fish, seafood and the Filipino one-hit wonder: the lechon!

The buffet also comes with 1 complimentary coffee or hot tea so this is quite a sweet deal if you ask me. I prefer drinking hot rather than cold as it tends to make one's stomach hard.

With its price and the hotel's location, Quest Hotel's lunch and dinner buffet is a very hot attraction.

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