Tuesday, December 25, 2012

TGIF Ayala Pacific Grilled Porkchop November 2012

While TGIF is known for serving humongous contents of food, their Pacific Grilled Porkchop was disappointing. There were too many fats and barely any meat.

Considering that their food is expensive, you get what I mean. So sad.

Here is the description of the Pacific Grilled Porkchop in their menu: porkloin chops coated ins pecial spices and char grilled, served with pineapple wedge, corn on the cob and garlic rice.

You can have a 1 piece order for PHP345.00 or 2 pieces for PHP565.00.

Yes, the photo makes it look good. However, once you knife the porkchop into bits, that is when you will find out how fatty the pork chop really is.

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