Friday, December 7, 2012

Max's Fried Chicken Ayala November 2012

Well, when my parents are in town Max's Fried Chicken will always be one of the restaurants that I get the chance to eat. For one thing, enough with Chinese cuisine. Chinese restaurants in Ayala just put too much vetsin in their food.

Anyway, I never eat at Max's Fried Chicken. They are expensive and the serving is not much. Think Pancake House. Also, I do not like their chicken. It makes me puke because it is so dry.

But, it was free since my folks paid for the tab so what the heck. These were what we ordered:

Kangkong Tofu - PHP155.00. I guess this is okay.

Pinakbet - PHP175.00. All vegetables costing this amount and only two tiny shrimps? No way!

Cream of Mushroom - PHP130.00. Now this was just a bad order. We make way better cream of mushroom at home soup than they do.

Fiesta Plate Meal - PHP215.00. This one was also a bad order. The lumpia had too much wrapper on it there was not much content inside. This order should be less than PHP150.00.

Clubhouse - PHP139.00. I was disappointed with this because their clubhouse sandwich looks so cute. Other restaurants serve better tasting versions of their own than Max's.

So now you know why I never attempt to eat here ^_^.

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