Sunday, November 25, 2012

Zubuchon Escario November 2012

Starting with this post, I will be including the restaurant's location wherever I will eat. Unless that restaurant is some place that I rarely go to.

This is because I noticed that not all branches of any restaurant serve good food. Either that or they all consistently have degraded food quality after some time.

Zubuchon is a well known restaurant serving lechon. I do not fancy lechon but with them, I make an exception because of the lechon's crunchy skin. It just feels like eating chicharon in some way when you bite them.

The first time I ate at Zubuchon was at the branch in One Mango, Cebu. The last two visits were at Escario. The first one was not a good one for me because I was looking forward to munching some crunchy lechon skin only to find out that there was barely any at all.

When we returned for our second visit in their Escario branch yesterday, we wanted to confirm if they serve two kinds of lechon: crunchy and non-crunchy. The waiter said that there is only one that they serve so we had to remind them that the first visit we had in their branch was disappointing because there was barely any crunch skin there.

So we ordered their 1 kilo boneless lechon priced at PHP530.00. Yes there were some crunchy skin as seen in the pic but they were not that much unlike the very first time we ate at their One Mango branch.

The following were what we ordered aside from the lechon.

Garlic rice - PHP100.00 for a platter. Good deal.

Eggplant Salad - PHP100.00 for an order. Must try. I love it how they include so much lamas with it.

Adobong Kangkong with Chicharon - PHP100.00 per order. While the staff will tell you this serves 2-3 pax, the order can actually accommodate 4-5 pax. This one is a good deal.

Monggo with Zubuchon - PHP190.00 per order. I think this one is priced too high. Not much chicharon and lechon in it but the monggo tasted good.

Chicken Pipian (top) - PHP280.00 per order. This one is actually quite good, although expensive. But it would not hurt to try.

To top the main course, their Iba Shake (right) at PHP95.00 is very delicious which came as no surprise why it is their bestseller.

The photo on the left is their iced tea.

If you do plan to eat at Zubuchon, it is a no brainer to order lechon since that is what people are after whenever anybody dines in there. While a bit pricey, the food is worth it.

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