Thursday, November 15, 2012

Part Ebelle November 2012

Wow! It had been a long time since we laste ate there. But today we ate there because our craving was too much to handle.

This is what we always order when we eat at Part Ebelle: sinugbang isda, tinola and kinilaw. You can have as much soup as you want. There are no limits.

I forgot to take a pic of atsara though. But more or less this is what we always eat when we are at Part Ebelle. They serve only fish but a lot of people still flock to their place day and night.

The place is always packed so it is best if you go there a little early before lunch and dinner.

Oh yeah, in case you do not know where Part Ebelle is located, it is at the back of Sun Gold, beside SM Cebu.

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