Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crown Regency's Wang Shan Lo November 2012

Wang Shan Lo is a Chinese restaurant located within Ultima Tower in Jones Avenue, Cebu Philippines. Located at the 20 floor, it boasts of generous skyline view and simple but elegant interiors.

As for the food which was the essence of our visit, it was simply a feast for the Gods. The last time my wife and I went there, there was not that much food to go around. This time though was different.

I am not sure if they consistently prepare so many dishes but I tell you, this one was worth it.

From crabs, scallops and baked tahong to beef, seafood and appetizers, I just had to force myself to gobble up as much as I could.

The photos posted here were the food that was available when we went there. Heck, I could barely have space for some dessert. There was just so many food to go around.

Oh yeah, to make it worth your while, they have free WIFI so you can idle whilst letting your tummy digest the food you just had and waiting to have another round of Chinese vetsin power!

The price for lunch and dinner ain't bad too! You should definitely give this a try when you are in Cebu.

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