Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bonchon Chicken October 2012

Bonchon Chicken recently hit Cebu and we were lucky when we checked out if there were any vacant seats, a group just finished eating and stood up. We quickly stepped in because even though it has been almost a month now that Bonchon has been serving their famous Korean styled flavored chicken to the public, the place is still packed.

This was a lucky opportunity to get a seat ;). So these are what we ordered:

3 pieces small size thigh part Bonchon chicken. At PHP185.00, I guess I was surprised that they served these chicken to us literally. As in small size. But I have to say, the flavor is good. It always is nice to eat something different.

Beef Bulgogi - At PHP125.00 without drinks and PHP145.00 with drinks, I liked this one. However, I have to let you know that the toppings are small. It was not quite what I expected for a PHP125 meal. The same goes for the Chicken Bulgogi.

Chicken Bulgogi - At PHP125.00 without drinks and PHP145.00 with drinks, I am not sure if the one served to us was a mistake because most of the chicken here were skin as what my wife said. She did not quite enjoy this one.

Good thing we ordered those 3 pieces of chicken as a precaution.

Bonchon Chicken is worth trying out, considering that it is new. But it is not a place where I can say, "hey! let's it there" all the time.

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