Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big Screen Entertainment October 2012

Well, it so happened last October that my friends and I got the chance to finally experience watching at Big Screen Entertainment.

I forgot the title of the movie we watched but I am sure it was an old one and it was actually quite good. Full of action scenes, it was never boring from start to finish. The surround sound system all the more made it feel like we were watching in an IMAX theater.

The rooms are pretty big and it can accommodate quite a lot of people. If you won't fit on the sofa, you can always lie down comfortable on the floor rug.

I do have one complaint though. They should have placed their surround sound system on the opposite walls per room. The room behind us had its surround sound system placed behind us so we could clearly hear the noise of the movie.

Not the mention those booming sound effects. It was a bit disturbing at times but considering there were many of us there, we still had a great time.

If anyone from Big Screen Entertainment gets to read this, I hope they may take my complaint into consideration. After all, it will make for a really fun watching experience.

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