Friday, October 5, 2012

Red Box October 2012

My officemates and I celebrated one of our co-worker's despedida because he was leaving for Singapore. We decided to have it held at the Red Box at Ayala Terraces in Cebu, Philippines.

When it comes to their videoke systems, by far they have the easiest user interface to boot. Compared with others that had already established their business, Red Box's system is very easy and quick to use without even someone teaching you how to use it.

Their rooms are pretty big even for the standard ones. The food? Now that is what this post is all about.

They serve buffet for lunch, dinner and onwards. While lunch costs around PHP299.00 per pax and dinner PHP199.00 from 3PM-7PM and if I am not mistaken PHP599.00 past 7PM, these come with a 3 hour use of their rooms so you can sing all you want while eating all you can ;).

This was my 3rd visit and I think their setup now is better compared to before. Prior to this one, you had to call them if you want to order some more food which was annoying at times because either they purposely delay serving the food or their service is just slow.

This time around, they place all the food on the buffet table just near the entrance. I believe the best time to have a buffet there is during lunch on a weekday. That way, you will have the buffet table all to yourself.

Let us see ... the food that time were spare ribs (delicious!), sweet and sour chicken (it's good!), fish fillet with sauce that you can treat as soup (yummy!) plus appetizers like veggies with a yummy lemon like sauce and baked potato salaed.

The desserts though will be served on a per order basis. The fruit salad was perfect while the gulaman like dessert was something I wanted more but could not because there were many of us ;).

It was a delicious lunch! One that I felt so bloated even if I ate until round 2. It was a good thing I did not drink too much Mountain Dew. Otherwise, I really would have bloated.

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