Friday, October 12, 2012

My BE Resorts Accommodation Experience September 2012

My wife and I recently stayed at BE Resorts in Mactan, Cebu Philippines for the weekend to relax and unwind, per doctor's orders.

I guess we needed it considering that I currently live in a place where unbred neighbors live their lives like they are the only ones living in the area shouting and talking loudly.

BE Resorts is owned by the Benedictos. The hotel actually used to be Microtel but after their lease, decided not to renew it and the Benedictos asked that they take over and run the operations.

The hotel overall is okay. But the fact that their rooms look like the photo below, is really not a relaxing way to stay in one. Why? The room beside us was occupied by some Koreans and I had to complain to front desk because they were smoking inside and it went through the side door (the one near the TV) to our room.

No way were we going to inhale all of their smoke so I called front desk to tell them to stop. But then, the unbred jerks still smoked the next morning. What an uncomfortable experience! It also did not help the fact that the walls are not thick or in some way sound proof.

I could hear doors banging when opened or closed, chairs dragged (which I realized later on that the flooring was not thick because I heard the chair above us dragged) and some prostitutes who were with them shouted so loud for probably some corny reason just to make them feel good.

Yes, it was an uncomfortable night. The room itself was okay. The problem was really their walls plus that stupid door between rooms which management said is the Microtel signature because they cater to families.

Only 4 rooms per floor do not have connecting doors between them. Front desk should have asked me first if I preferred one with that or not. I certainly would have chosen one with no interconnecting door.

No way will I ever check in to any Microtel branches again knowing that their rooms are designed like this.

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