Saturday, October 6, 2012

BE Resorts Buffet September 2012

BE Resorts does not serve lunch and dinner buffets. It is understandable considering that the hotel is not really that big. My only wish is that they could at least provide some yummy breakfast. Not much fruits or appetizer.

First day, I was not happy with the food. Just look at this. Chili corn carne, tocino, ham and ... tomato? We also took a scrambled egg and one empty waffle. There was no soup but sopas was available which was redundant because they already had garlic rice.

Second day was a bit better because they had what I always had been craving: corned beef. The rest were baked beans, fish, longganisa (which tasted sweet).

Considering that their daily standard rate costs around 8k+, they could at least provide some more food options for their breakfast buffet meals.

You can order a la carte for lunch and dinner. Or, order some fastfood and have them delivered. Or, go outside and get to the nearest carenderia ;).

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