Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Please Bear With the No Photo Posts

Google's desperate attempt to unify all Google related accounts has finally ticked my patience. All the photos of this blog had been removed because when I added my GMail account, it automatically synced the photos as well.

I removed them from my phone because they are crap to begin with. What should be in blogs should stay there permanently. I think I did get around this problem before but seeing as how I got victimized again after a long time since I last encountered it, I forgot and just deleted them all.

Why shouldn't I, right? Considering that I turned syncing off with Google Photos, it should have never been a problem.

So 4 years worth of blogging and Google's stupidity screwed my photos. The photos should never be allowed to be deleted in the first place especially if the post still exists.

Even so, there could be at least a grace period to let users find out about Google's blunder and restore the photos.

So many posts and I have to one by one re-upload everything.

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