Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chez Toztar July 2012

My wife and I finally had the chance to dine in at my cousin's restaurant after its official launch last June 2012.

Since the hospital we went to for the checkup is near his place we decided to order his other specialties that we had not tried yet.

I am sure you know where STK is. Well, Chez Toztar is just across the place, besides Kuya J.

Now for the food. The chicken in chili sauce is something unique. I mean the sauce that is. It really is a must try!

The szechuan eggplant meanwhile is also delicious. That spicy taste really gets me to want to eat more.

The chicken in chili sauce does not come with rice so you would have to order one separately. The vegetables used are all fresh considering that Chez Toztar uses its own vegetable ingredients because it has its own hydroponic garden.

You can even buy any of those little plants displayed on the sides of the wall near the entrance.

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