Friday, September 28, 2012

Bigby's Passion Fish September 2012

I always order this whenever I eat at Bigby's. This comes with 2 long and big slices of cream dory plus a bunch of fries and some yummy sauce.

As with majority of other restaurants in the Philippines, sad to say the food shrunk. The 2 slices of cream dory got thinner and shorter. And, it was around 70% flour and barely any fish meat.

The fries serving content was cut in half and replaced with salad. Good profit strategy though.

But at least they did not lessen their sauce serving. You can request for another one if you like at no additional cost.

This one costs PHP220.00 for 2 slices of cream dory and PHP 160.00 for a slice.

As I said, this used to be my favorite. But I think next time, I will have to ignore this one.

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