Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teriyaki Boy's Tanmen Ramen August 2012

Okay, so you might wonder why I placed an image of Teriyaki Boy's menu at the start of this post. While I forgot that I need not have to resize this too much, I am sure the text is still readable. The Tanmen Ramen states that one of its ingredients is a Tiger Prawn. Yep, just one.

However, when it was served to me, the image below is what it looked like.

Do not be deceived by the sort of big shrimps since I zoomed the bowl too close. But really, I was disappointed to find out that instead of the clearly stated tiger prawn stated in their menu, they replaced it with 2 small shrimps with barely any meat.

I was pissed, naturally. While this is management's doing, the waitress could only say "it is like that". Boy, to make matters worse, I emailed Teriyaki Boy that night to voice out my complaint and I have not received any replies.

So I guess their official website is just a dummy. No point putting up a contact form or even advertising the email address if emails only get ignored, right?

Man ... and the noodles and soup are ordinary too. Rai Rai Ken has better noodle soups than they have.

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