Monday, August 20, 2012

McDonalds Twister Fries 2012

This is the only food that I like in McDonalds. Really. I always wonder why they won't make this permanent in their menu.

They always say it is a seasonal product. I mean, why? Twister fries is good. Awfully good!

When I heard the news that they are bringing my favorite back this year, I just had to order one.

While I used to order this often before, I have no idea when I might buy one again after eating one sometime last month.

While the delicious taste is the same, I was disappointed that they only have one size and the serving is lesser compared to the previous year.

Good luck with that.

If only McDonalds make Twister Fries permanent in their menu, they could still have a customer in me. Since they do not, I barely go over to McDonalds except when they bring out Twister Fries once a year.

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