Monday, August 6, 2012

Cafe Uno 2012

Cafe Uno has some of the best buffets in Cebu City. I like their menu better than Marriott Hotel itself. After a good exercise with my fit-fil buddies, my wife and I decided to dine at Cafe Uno to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

It was a good feast indeed. I was disappointed that they did not have any fish or was that squid balls when we ate there before. I guess it was not not part of their menu that day. And it was what I was looking forward to. Those balls are all meat and it feels different when you bite those delicious morsels.

Just look at the amazing and delicious food that we ate that time. I lasted two rounds for the main course meal. Even though I wanted to control myself not to eat too much, I still went on with round 2. Astonishingly, I was not that full. I guess the exercise prior to the buffet really helped although I did not drink any water just to be sure my tummy won't get heavier.

After the main course, there is always dessert. And boy ... I almost ate each one of these delicacies.

Last July 2012, their buffet costs 850.00 per pax on a normal weekday up 200.00 from the last time we ate there (I think last year). Still, the food is great and the price is worth it.

I just wish I am a few years younger so that I could still reach at least round 5 on the main course ;).

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