Friday, July 27, 2012

Xing Cafe July 2012

It was just last month since I was first exposed to the sumptuous food that Xing Cafe serves. I kept wondering when I might get the chance to eat there again and it seemed I spoke too soon.

Last night, my friends and I went to Xing Cafe again as one of our Fit-Fil mates owns the place. We celebrated one of our members' departure for Saudi since he will be working there.

Good times indeed, he had a blast hogging all the microphone to himself ha ha! Xing Cafe is a KTV joint but the food is really what makes me want to come back to this place over and over.

These were what my wife and I ordered (except for the calamari):

Buffalo Wings - sauce is just awesome
Beef in Red Curry - my favorite and addiction
Chilli Hotdog - every ounce of meat is worth the money you spend on it
Pork Belly - I cannot comment on this because I do not like pork but my wife absolutely love this
Calamari - the usual. And the serving is plentiful

Price is not really an issue once the food gets served to you. The serving is plentiful and the price is fair. In fact, the servings can accommodate 2-3 pax. More than worth it, right?

You definitely should try out the food at Xing Cafe. I bet once you start gnawing on the food, you will get a big smile on your face ;).

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