Friday, July 20, 2012

Victoria's Halo Halo

I have to admit. This one caught me by surprise. I mean, It has been quite a long time since I had a good dose halo-halo trip.

Victoria's Halo-halo does serve great halo-halo, except for one tiny problem. They should not include the sugar in it. They could have given us some sugar jar for us to manually put some if we decided to add some sugar.

I never add sugar in any halo-halo considering that the toppings included are already sweet. At first, I did not notice it. Once my halo-halo was almost empty that was when my face looked bad because it was too sweet.

The price tag is at 60.00 so it is really cheap. Plus the toppings are yummy too, fruits and all. Heck, I can even say this is way better than Chowking.

If anyone from Victoria's Halo-halo sees this post, do take note not to put sugar in your halo-halo. Let the customers do it if they want to put some.

If you plan to go there, just to be sure let them know not to put sugar in it. Instead, have them give you a sugar jar and tell them you will be the one to add the sugar if you want to.

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