Friday, July 13, 2012

Teriyaki Boy's Seafood Bento

Japanese cuisine is one of my favorites. However, they are normally expensive. That is just the way they are even though the ingredients are from within the country.

Last night, I decided to try Teriyaki Boy's seafood bento. Not bad, but the price is still expensive. Though, I got this one for free because of my credit card's promotion so it was all good :D.

Service was not good though, they only have like 3 people moving around against the whole customer base. Anyway, I will talk about their service another time since the point of this post is about the bento.

Squid, fish and scallops were a delight. The bento also features an unsweetened jelly for dessert with an unsweetened cream as topping, bean sprouts for vegetable dish and some veggies as salad. The bento also comes with Japanese rice, miso soup and a choice of either iced tea or Coke.

I think the seafood bento costs 325.00.

This one should make you full as it should be considering the price tag that comes with it ;).

As I said, Japanese cuisine is delicious. Teriyaki Boy serves delicious Japanese cuisine. The seafood bento gave me a good stuffing.

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