Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rai Rai Ken's California Maki 2012

I just had to put in the year 2012 so that when I will get to read this post in the future, I will know when this took place.

I used to think that the California Maki of Rai Rai Ken is the best. Last night, at their IT Park branch this is what it looks like.

My fork could barely hold on to one. Either they did not prepare this correctly or if this is how their California Maki looks like now then it sure has degraded. Heck, even using chopsticks could not grasp this one it would just break off in every direction after it gets squeezed.

This costs 165.00 for 10 pieces. It could have been okay but their California Maki is not as sticky and solid as it used to be.

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