Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mooon Cafe June 2012

Mooon Cafe is a mexican inspired restaurant built not only on good food, but with a genuine passion and commitment to their customers.

Is the food good? I guess so. They are not bad. But the prices are way expensive to me. I never recommend this to my friends. If someone treats me though, then it is a different issue.

Last month, my wife wanted to try out their nachos. I wanted to eat at Army Navy but since it was full, we ended up here. I think I had eaten here prior to the latest one less than 5x in my life.

Their branch in IT Park is okay. The place looks good. They also have WIFI there. As for the food, my wife did not expect the very thing that she craved that time, nachos to be bad. I mean, the one given to us tasted like some old expired chips that were not soft to bite with.

The Nacho de Salsa costs around 88.00 and aside from the fact that the chips looked old, the sauce was bare. If you want to request for more sauce, you will have to pay for it.

Their salisbury steak is okay. Priced at around 156.00, I still prefer Orange Brutus' the best.

Their Chicken Fajita at around 175.00 looks plentiful at first glance. But once it is placed in front of you, you will notice that spices occupy around 65% of the plate..

The Suncooler at almost 100.00 is a different story. This was, and is the only positive that I can recommend to my friends (and you). It really tastes good.

Overall, we were disappointed. It may probably be another 5 years (or more) before I could be persuaded to treat somebody here.

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