Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kul's Kitchen Sucks At Mostly Everything

I promised myself to write about my previous experience with them prior to the latest one and I just lost track of it. And the recent encounter only bolstered my desire to really not forget about it and make sure I post this one in my blog.

So here it is. My official review of Kul's Kitchen. Before, their food and service was good which is natural considering that when one starts out with a restaurant business, you have to serve your best food in order to attract more customers, right?

That was then and it sucks now. I was surprised that they serve some cheap meals. I do not think that they want to cater to all types of customers. Whenever an establishment does this, I only see it as a way to compensate losing sales because business is slow.

I cannot blame those who shun Kul's Kitchen because, really, their service really sucks. So is their food.

My wife and I ordered their spicy beef and beans at 60.00. When it was served to us, the meal came with 6 small chops of beef. My wife told the waiter to have it changed because one of the beef chop was all fat and no meat.

I mean, come on! The male staff said that it cannot be changed because the serving is packed as it is. We would have to order another one if we want it changed. Funny, right? And here is the thing, the amount would be deducted on the staff's side.

Wow, talk about good management. They serve bad food and if you want it changed, the owner charges it to her staff. Yes, her. The owner is a she.

One of the staff even glared at us. Wow! Can you believe that?!

Aside from the food serving has gotten smaller, the owner could have at least invested a little more to providing her staff some decent clothing. They wore clothing that looked like they were plastered with dust.

If you plan to eat here. Good luck. If you do not have the guts to really insist with your complaints then you are screwed. And funny thing, the owner lurks in cashier's area but does not have the guts to talk to customers directly if there are problems.

Too cheapskate to hire a supervisor, at least have the guts to confront your disgruntled customers, right?

After more than probably 3 years since I last ate there, I thought things could have changed with regards to their customer service. This is not just about the staff. Even the owner is at fault because the owner just has no idea about good customer service.

And good food.

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