Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Global Warming With Yellow Cab July 2012

The Charlie Chan Pasta of Yellow Cab is one that I order most of the time whenever I eat there. If anything changes, I will notice for sure and that is what happened last Monday when my wife and I ordered one.

The chicken strips were less now and the sauce of the pasta looked pale. Even the peanuts were not plentiful.

I asked the staff to put  more sauce in it and they gladly obliged but no peanuts and chicken strips were added which can confirm one thing: their time has come.

No, I am not talking about bankruptcy but about the degradation of their food. Restaurants always starts out booming: rich in ingredients, plenty of sauce, big serving. But now ... sigh* they are now part of those group that seeks to gain more profit whilst screwing customers by serving less.

I hope I am wrong. Maybe it is just the Ayala branch that changed their style. I hope the others did not. Otherwise, no more Yellow Cab visits for me.

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