Thursday, July 19, 2012

District 50 2012

This resto-bar is located within J Center in AS Fortuna, Cebu Philippines. It has a TGIF-look and feel. And that is not all, even the food's theme has a TGIF-like aura.

The difference I guess is with the price. Some of their food is small while others are big unlike TGIF where mostly all of their food are huge!

So the following were what my friends and I ordered.
Banana Float - 80.00
Strawberry Slush - 80.00
Cream Dory wtih Pesto and Pea - 180.00
Barbaric Ribs - 195.00
Blue Marlin in Lemon Butter - 215.00
District 50's Burger (Q) - 185.00

I forgot the names of upper left drinks but they were the same as the Strawberry Slush that I ordered. I love how thick and hard their ice cream is. I always like it that way because I tend to eat the ice cream first before mixing it with my drinks when only a small portion of it is left.

My order was the Blue Marlin in Lemon  Butter and I tell you, I like the sauce very much. Oh yeah, their rice serving is enough to make you full.

District 50 is not a bad place to hang out and the prices are affordable. You should try this place out if you still have not. And yes, they have free WIFI ;).

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