Saturday, June 23, 2012

Xing Cafe's Awesome Food

Well, I did mention in a previous post about how good Xing Cafe's food is and I stand by that assessment. The owner is a chef, so I guess it is pretty obvious she is behind the magnificent taste of these delectable cuisine.

I was not able to get all the names of the food that our group ordered that night but I do remember a few of them like the ones my wife and I ordered.

My wife's friends ordered chili hotdog (bottom most right), mixed vegetables (middle middle) and tofu (bottom most middle) while I ordered beef in red curry (bottom most left) and my wife ordered spare ribs I think (forgot which one it is in the photo above).

Anyway, these do not come served with rice but you can order them separately at P25.00. The rice serving is big too so it is worth it at that price.

As for the food themselves, I can say that they are all worth your money. Some orders accommodate 2-3 pax, except the burgers and hotdogs.

We were surprised when the food was served to us because we were able to share it with the others. The best surprise though was when I started eating my beef in red curry.

It was absolutely delicious!

Xing Cafe is definitely a good place to hang out and enjoy great tasting food. You should try it out.

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