Saturday, June 23, 2012

Xing Cafe

Boy, why didn't I discover this sooner? My friends and I went to this place because a teammate of ours owns this place.

Right after the 2nd to the last week of the fitness program that we recently joined, we decided to hang out here. The place is called Xing Cafe and it serves as a Videoke joint, restaurant and bar.

Now ... if you want to know how the food is, all I can tell you is, you have got to try all of them! All the food that we ordered are just downright yummy!

Plus the serving is a handful too. It can accommodate 2-3 pax. I was surprised when I ordered one that I could share it with my wife.

The prices are affordable, just like any other restaurant or cafe that you see in malls but the main difference is the serving. They are all worth it.

Inside, the place is cozy if you want to hang out in the bar. The rooms are very spacious where some can accommodate more than 15 pax just like the one we were in.

This place is located just across Starbucks Oakridge in AS Fortuna. You won't miss it. If you see a carwash across it, that is the one. Xing Cafe is just beside that.

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