Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tips When Flying The Ultra Light Aircraft

When you ride in an ultra light aircraft, I recommend you use a digicam rather than an SLR. For one thing, an SLR is heavy. Plus, if you want to take videos of you while flying, you surely cannot do that with an SLR. A digicam is more flexible and lighter.

Considering the strong winds that meet up with you when airborne, a digicam is best. Also, you may need some sort of harness belt attached to your digicam and your belt or something. Just in case it will slip off your hand, right? We can never know ... so it is best to take precautions just in case.

Other than that, just enjoy the experience and enjoy the view around you. The time I had was exhilarating. I will definitely want to have a go at it again when given the chance. Maybe next time when I go back to my hometown for the Holidays ;).

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