Monday, June 4, 2012

Persian Palate May 2012

It had been quite some time since my wife and I ate at Persian Palate. So last month when we were looking for something different my wife suggested we eat there. Considering that it was almost closing time in the mall, Persian Palate was one of a few outlets still open.

They have some delicious sets and meals, some affordable, some outrageously expensive (because of the content).

Take for example the following that we ordered.

Aloo Parathas - 75.00 - this one is weird. A combination of egg and hmm if I remember it right, some kind of flour. The sweet sauce made it taste good but too much of it is yuck. That's what I think of it. You could try it out yourself. Maybe you will like it.

Beef Kebab Fried Rice - 190.00. Now this one is a steal. So much fried rice, so many beef kebab chops too! I think this one can be good enough for 4 pax. Think of this one as sort of like a Spanish Paella.

Chello Kebab Naani - 160.00. This one is also good. Two large beef kebab with 2 large tomatoes with a shawarma wrap to accompany it although we left the shawarma wrap behind because we were so engrossed with the beef kebab fried rice.

Aloo Parathas aside, the other two food choices that we ordered were yummy!

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