Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Not Really Comfortable In Mactan Cebu's Beaches

Maybe is it because of global warming? Perhaps. But 4 days there in 2 resorts and I would say it is not really comfortable spending a day there anymore. It is just so darn hot. The weather is dead. There is no wind hence the discomfort I felt especially with the hot weather.

Mactan is pretty flat. There does not seem to be any mountains there. I did not have any discomfort when I went to Boracay early this year. But the two resorts I went to (Crimson and Plantation Bay), boy did I sweat badly when I was out even for a few minutes.

It is just pure discomfort when there is no wind around. Having a dead weather only contributes to an opposite comfortable experience that guests should feel when they are in any of Mactan's beaches.

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