Sunday, June 17, 2012

Golden Cowrie May 2012

I just cannot figure out why some restaurants that serve great tasting food suddenly serve food that looks like it came from an ordinary joint.

Golden Cowrie is well known for their unlimited rice. Well, that and just about every Filipino dish that they serve. However, I have noticed that the servings have become lesser and lesser.

While their crispy pata has shrunk over time, it still tastes good. I was disappointed with their squid though (left middle). It looks ugly. Even the upper middle photo had a very small serving just like the lower left (Bicol Express).

I love their Bicol Express but not the point where the serving is good for two. The fish of the tinowa soup served to us (lower right) was old and not fresh we had to give it back to them and had them serve us a new and fresh one.

Good thing my mom's eye is so keen when it comes to the freshness of any food. I just gobble up anything I see in front me.

Do not be deceived with the unlimited rice. Too much rice is unhealthy. Then again, the food is expensive considering the small servings and with the bad food served to us, it was a totally bad experience.

This was in SM Cebu. It has been a long time since I ate in their Lahug branch but since the owners are the same in those branches, I figure I may experience the same thing there as well.

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