Friday, May 18, 2012

Where To Cool Yourself In Crimson Resort & Spa

The weather today is really bad even if it does not rain. The scorching heat is literally scorching unlike before when I can dare to put myself outside in the glaring sun and have it try to toast me to death, these days that is just impossible anymore.

The hot humid wind can easily make you uncomfortable the same way it did with me when we were there. The best place to cool yourself from the blazing heat of the sun is to take refuge inside the comfort rooms behind the Azure Pool Bar.

Why? See the photo.

So it looks ordinary. But behind this photo is a split type aircondition system that runs probably 24 hours so this place is very very cold. You can take refuge and sleep there all day if you want to. Not many people go in there anyway. Probably barely.

So open that door, go in, lock yourself and get some sleep ;).

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