Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rainforest Park's Oceanarium Restaurant

Experience traditional Filipino recipes with a modern twist that brings you closer to the sernity of the ocean; with aquarium walls serving as home to unique breed of a variety of fishes, big and small.

Kids will enjoy their time here. As will adults. I know, because I enjoyed my time there. And it sucks if you have only a smartphone for a camera because most of the small fish never seem to stay put ha ha!

I think they have an entrance fee here but when I went here that time, my cousin booked the entire restaurant for his mom's surprise birthday celebration.

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Informasi Dunia Samaran said...

wah infonya bagus sob..
sangat bermanfaat & lengkap lagi..
makasih ya :)
salam kenal :)

#Happy BLogging :D


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