Friday, May 4, 2012

Rainforest Park Cafe May 2012

My cousins threw a surprise party last night for their mom's birthday and I have to admit, the food there was very delicious. Every one of them.

These are the following:

chicken - had some lemon typed sauce but did not have much sauce so this was the only defect
fruit desserts - some melon, pineapple and papaya
calamari - yummy squid calamari with ketchup-mayonnaise combo sauce
fish fillet - another yummy yum!
beef stroganoff - love the beef, love the tenderness and love the sauce
mixed vegetables
buko pandan - yummy!
lasagna - no need to describe this classic. delish!

The buffet for each person costs 400.00 bucks. Not bad right? I won't tell the whole amount that my cousins spent for their mom's birthday but I tell you it was worth it. Rainforest park also provided a dance number with Avatar themed characters and the music and choreographs reminisce of the Showtime TV show.

Heck, even adults pretty much enjoyed hanging out in their cafe because there are a ton of different kinds of fish both huge and small, plus some tiny crocs, monkeys and iguana.

They probably charge an entrance fee for those wanting to take photos or just look at the fishes but in this case, it was free since my cousins booked the cafe for the whole night.


Pearl said...

That's YUMMY! *drools*

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