Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kan-anan Sa Queen's Road

Kan-anan sa Queen's Road is a joint venture by me and a few of my friends. This is located just behind Iglesia ni Cristo in Mango Avenue and across Beverly Boutique Hotel (formerly Eddie's Hotel).

The photo below show a few of what is in store for customers when they dine there. The place is really not what you may call a plush restaurant. Just some cowboy-styled place where customers can still hang out and drink sodas and beer whilst passing the night away.

Not being biased for being a part owner, but the food is delicious. I mean, my co-owner really picked a pretty good cook. Even the vegetables that I taste tested had a very unique taste. So did the barbecues. All of them!

You can follow Kanan-an sa Queen's Road on Facebook to view updates, photos of menu and announcements!

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