Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Screen Entertainment

I'd say, this place is a great hangout for groups of friends. You can watch movies just like in an IMAX theater, play Microsoft Kinect games with your friends or just plain idle in the lobby or outside and gobble up some munchy delights.

Big Screen Entertainment is fairly new, located in Escario street Cebu City, Philippines. It is adjacent across McDonalds Escario so this place is not really hard to spot.

Now ... rather than go watch a movie and pay the movie fee for every individual, you can just pay the hourly rate here and as many as maybe 10 people can watch the said movie at the same time. Just think how much that can save you.

Plus the sound system is pretty slick. As I said awhile ago, just like in an IMAX theater. The wall is big and wide, the furniture is cozy, the place is clean.

If you don't feel like watching a movie, have some of you and your friends play against each other with any of their Kinect games. 4 or 5 against each other? Sounds like a challenge right? The more the merrier!

Playing Kinect games or watching a movie at the Big Screen Entertainment is a cost saver. Rather than paying for each individual fee, you can pay the hourly fee and divide it amongst the number of people in your group.

One more thing. See the toys in the photo? Those are not for sale. They are collections of the owner so they are only good for display ;). However, they do have some polariod cameras for sale that you may be interested in.

After your time there, they usually take a photo of you and your group using their Polariod camera, for collection and display purposes ;).

Now, once that Avenger movie becomes available in Blu-Ray, I will definitely watch it here.

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