Monday, April 23, 2012

Saffron Cafe Breakfast Buffet @ Crimson Resort & Spa

I enjoyed my breakfast buffet when I ate at Saffron Cafe in Crimson Resort & Spa but there was no corned beef! The fruits were only mango, watermelon and papaya. The next day, my mom told me there was corned beef and even lychee. My two favorites!

But the food served when I ate there was okay. I just wished they had corned beef that time. I was really looking forward to it ;). Even though there was no lychee, the mangoes (shown in the photo)  were really sweet.

As of 2012, their pricing for their buffet is 1,200 for breakfast and around 1,600 for lunch and dinner.

The staff at Saffron Cafe is very courteous, alert and very quick to tend to your needs. They really know how to make their guests like VIPs.

The main course served during breakfast when we ate there were chipolito (the light brown sausage), egg, bacon, tocino, fish fillet, stir fried beef and hash brown.

There were many different kinds of croissant but I only tried one since I was already very full. I also took some ham, dried pineapple and strawberries. The photo on the lower left is my wife's favorite, cereal.

The fruits served were watermelon, papaya and mango. In the photo above, I only took mangoes because it is not everytime that I get to eat very sweet mangoes for free!

Overall, Saffron Cafe serves good breakfast buffet. I just wished they had corned beef that time. I just can't take it off my mind! Ha ha!

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