Friday, April 13, 2012

Helmet Diving @ Boracay

This one was a no brainer when we went to Boracay because Cebu charges too much. However, you can go Helmet Diving in Boracay for 500 bucks or less, depending on how good are you with negotiation ;).

They say that this is a 30 minute experience but I beg to differ. The experience that we had lasted for around only 10 minutes. 10 minutes is more than enough though to look at fishes going near you and grabbing parts of the bread that will be given to you to feed them.

I just hate false advertising that is. The other 20 minutes probably is for your round trip boat transfers.

Still, it was a pretty good experience considering I have such a big phobia when it comes to seawater. I lasted only a few seconds when I tried out scuba diving and that was even a few feet underwater.

Before you submerge, the instructor will give you a few pointers on hand signals while underwater to better communicate with everybody.

You may want to bring some bread of your own if you want to keep on seeing fishes mobbing you because of your food. There were not much variety but it was still a pretty good experience for me. I was not after seeing different kinds of fishes since I have seen them in aquariums abroad.

The experience of being underwater together with the fishes and feeding them is the highlight of Helmet Diving.

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