Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chez Toztar House Of Roasts Test Run

Yummy, right? Last night, my wife, a friend and I visited my cousin's home to taste test his delectable creations a few months before his planned opening of his restaurant.

Not to be biased because my cousin cooked these, but they were all very very delicious! Beef, shrimp with pinakbet, fish, chicken with different sauces, man I tell you, all of them were very yummy!

A BIG thank you to my chef cousin who gave us a chance to taste them way ahead before his planned restaurant launch.

His place is going to be one of the tourist food hotspots along with Kanan-anan sa Queen's Road in Cebu, Philippines.

Here are details on the food that we just gobbled up to our hearts' delight.

1st row

Roast Beef
"One of Chez Toztar HOUSE SPECIALTY.! Its no Ordinary Beef, Its USDA Beef.! Seasoned with Herbs and Spices just the way, we Filipinos and all races love it.! Roast to Prefect Medium to Medium well. Feel the Tenderness of the Beef that melts in your mouth and the rich flavor of the Beef,you definitely be drooling for more.!!"

Buttered Shrimp Pakbet
"A forevermore loved by Filipinos invented by Filipinos. This Filipino dish will always be a hit.! Poached Vegetable in a special Broth, buttered Shrimp with an oozing Creaminess of Cocomilk in Shrimp Paste.!

Sweet-Chilli Chicken
"Ahhhh, Hot but sweet.!! a Perfect Combination.! but wait......include a Crispy Chicken Fillet and it becomes... EPIC.!!"

2nd row

Fresh Citrus-Mint Drink
Get Refreshed.! Citrus-Mint Drink squeeze out fresh lemon juice,an orange juice and its corresponding fresh slices of the cirtus fruit itself. For additional Clean taste, slices of cucumber is added.And oh, theres more, we also Let you choose your own preferred MINT.! thats right there are many kinds of mint.! Choose what you want from these Mints: Brazilian Mint, Local Mint, Spearmint, Peppermint, Choco Mint or Pineapple Mint! Amazing isnt it.?

3rd row

Fried Tilapia in Chilli-Basil Butter Sauce
"Haven't tried Tilapia on a butter sauce yet? then you should try this.! Seasoned with spices and deep fry for a Crispy-Crunchy Skin then topped with a hit of Chilli and a Savory Basil Butter Sauce."

Crunchy Lemon Chicken
"Marinated with Spices to bring out the Maximum Flavor dipped on a Crispy Batter and Deep Fry to Perfection. Served with a Lemony Sauce made from Scratch. Devour and be merry.

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