Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Uncle Noodles @ One Mango Place

Thanks to Groupon, my wife and I had a treat when we dined at Uncle Noodles. Located in the parking area behind the One Mango Place, Uncle Noodles is a must try for those who crave for Laksa noodles.

The best for me is their Singaporean Laksa @ 120.00. Now, I asked their staff what their best seller is and they said it is their Uncle Noodles Soup but I beg to disagree. The soup tastes the same as the one served in Chowking.

If you want something new and something different, Singaporean Laksa is the best choice. Plus, they even have an option for unlimited soup and you only have to add P10.00.

Since we had so much left with our credit, we decided to order a bunch of others. Shark fin for side dish @ P65.00 and their dried version of their Uncle Noodles Special which is just the same because they still will give you a cup of soup to add to the dried Uncle Noodles Special in case you want to put soup on it. Kind of redundant, right?

Anyway ... the prices there are cheap. It is best to go and eat there at night. They have no air condition inside so it will be awfully hot outside. Then again, we ate there at night and the atmosphere was pretty much dead. No wind whatsoever.

Still, I heavily recommend you try their Singaporean Laksa. Absolutely delicious!

Oh yeah. Thank you Groupon!

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