Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grande Paca @ MGM Macau

MGM  was one of the hotels that we visited when we went to Macau. Knowing MGM, we expected that their interiors would amaze us once we go inside, and amaze us it did.

Walking through the lobby and into the heart of the MGM Macau Hotel, I just could not help but be amazed at the aura that this hotel projects. This central plaza certainly captures Macau's multi-faceted heritage.

The Grande Praca as it is called exemplifies its ambience with European inspired facades, a dramatic skylight dome and a myriad of terraces, complete with restaurants and lounges, imbuing the center square with the look and feel of old-world Portugal and a garden area with giant flowers, all these great candidates for photoshoots.

Don't you think? ;)

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